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Updating Packages

Automatic updates

The Tauri JS CLI has a command to install and update all needed dependencies, just run tauri deps install or tauri deps update.

Manual updates

Update NPM Packages

If you are using the tauri package:

$ yarn upgrade @tauri-apps/cli @tauri-apps/api --latest
$ npm install @tauri-apps/cli@latest @tauri-apps/api@latest

You can also detect what the latest version of Tauri is on the command line, using:

  • npm outdated @tauri-apps/cli
  • yarn outdated @tauri-apps/cli

Alternatively, if you are using the vue-cli-plugin-tauri approach:

$ yarn upgrade vue-cli-plugin-tauri --latest
$ npm install vue-cli-plugin-tauri@latest

Update Cargo Packages

Go to src-tauri/Cargo.toml and change tauri to tauri = { version = "%version%" } where %version% is the version number shown above. (You can just use the MAJOR.MINOR) version, like 0.9.

Then do the following:

$ cd src-tauri
$ cargo update -p tauri

You can also run cargo outdated -r tauri to get direct information about the core library's latest version.