Setup for MacOS

This setup is only needed for development. Consumers of Tauri apps will not have to do any of this.


Tauri is a polyglot system, and as such requires a good deal of tooling.

System Dependencies:

You will need to have Homebrew installed to run the following command.

$ brew install gcc

You will also need to make sure xcode is installed.

$ xcode-select --install

Node Runtime and Package Manager

We recommend using NVM to manage your Node runtime. It allows you to easily switch versions and update Node.

$ curl -o- | bash

Once NVM is installed, close and reopen your terminal, then install Node v12 LTS and the latest npm:

$ nvm install 12
$ nvm use 12

If you have any problems with NVM, please consult their project readme.

Now that Node and npm are installed, if you like you may additionally install Yarn - the preferred package manager of the Tauri team.

$ npm install --global yarn

Rustc and Cargo Package Manager

The following command will install rustup, the official installer for Rust.

$ curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

To make sure that Rust has been installed successfully, run the following command:

$ rustc --version
latest update on 2019-12-19, rust version 1.40.0

You may need to restart your terminal if the command does not work.

If you already installed rustup previously, make sure that you update Rust.

$ rustup update stable

Tauri Bundler

After you have installed Rust and other required dependencies, it is wise to restart your terminal before continuing.

Install Tauri bundler through Cargo:

$ cargo install tauri-bundler --force


Now that you have set up the MacOS-specific dependencies for Tauri, learn how to add Tauri to your project.