The tauri.conf.json is a file generated by the tauri init command (see here) that lives in your Tauri application source directory (src-tauri).

Once generated, you may modify it at will to customize your Tauri application.

It's composed of the following properties:


distDir: string
The path—either absolute or relative—to the production-ready webpage/webapp directory that will be bundled by Tauri.
devPath: string
Can be a path—either absolute or relative—to a folder or a URL (like a live reload server).
beforeDevCommand?: string
A command to run before starting Tauri in dev mode.
beforeBuildCommand?: string
A command to run before starting Tauri in build mode.
withGlobalTauri?: boolean
Enables the API injection to the window.__TAURI__ object. Useful if you're using Vanilla JS instead of importing the API using Rollup or Webpack.
"build": {
  "distDir": "../dist",
  "devPath": "http://localhost:4000",
  "beforeDevCommand": "npm run dev",
  "beforeBuildCommand": "npm run build",
  "withGlobalTauri": false


debug?: boolean
Tells the CLI to build on debug mode instead of release. Can also be used as tauri build --debug.
exitOnPanic?: boolean
Whether or not the WebView should be killed if some Rust code error happened. Can also be used as tauri dev --exit-on-panic or tauri dev -e.
"ctx" {
  "debug": false,
  "exitOnPanic": false,


cli?: CliConfig
embeddedServer: object
bundle: object
allowlist: object
window: object
security: object
inliner: object
"tauri": {
  "cli": {
    "description": "Tauri communication example",
    "longDescription": null,
    "beforeHelp": null,
    "afterHelp": null,
    "args": [{
      "short": "c",
      "name": "config",
      "takesValue": true,
      "description": "Config path"
    }, {
      "short": "t",
      "name": "theme",
      "takesValue": true,
      "description": "App theme",
      "possibleValues": ["light", "dark", "system"]
    }, {
      "short": "v",
      "name": "verbose",
      "multipleOccurrences": true,
      "description": "Verbosity level"
    "subcommands": {
      "update": {
        "description": "Updates the app",
        "longDescription": null,
        "beforeHelp": null,
        "afterHelp": null,
        "args": [{
          "short": "b",
          "name": "background",
          "description": "Update in background"
        "subcommands": null
  "embeddedServer": {
    "active": true
  "bundle": {
    "active": true,
    "targets": ["deb"],
    "identifier": "",
    "icon": ["icons/32x32.png", "icons/128x128.png", "icons/128x128@2x.png", "icons/icon.icns", "icons/icon.ico"],
    "resources": [],
    "externalBin": [],
    "copyright": "",
    "category": "DeveloperTool",
    "shortDescription": "",
    "longDescription": "",
    "deb": {
      "depends": []
    "osx": {
      "frameworks": [],
      "minimumSystemVersion": ""
    "exceptionDomain": ""
  "allowlist": {
    "all": true
  "window": {
    "title": "Tauri App",
    "width": 800,
    "height": 600,
    "resizable": true,
    "fullscreen": false
  "security": {
    "csp": "default-src blob: data: filesystem: ws: http: https: 'unsafe-eval' 'unsafe-inline'"
  "inliner": {
    "active": true