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generate_context!() { /* proc-macro */ }

Reads the config file at compile time and generates a Context based on its content.

The default config file path is a tauri.conf.json file inside the Cargo manifest directory of the crate being built.

Custom Config Path#

You may pass a string literal to this macro to specify a custom path for the Tauri config file. If the path is relative, it will be search for relative to the Cargo manifest of the compiling crate.


This macro should not be called if you are using tauri-build to generate the context from inside your build script as it will just cause excess computations that will be discarded. Use either the [`tauri-build] method or this macro - not both.

Reads a Tauri config file and generates a ::tauri::Context based on the content.


The output of this macro is managed internally by Tauri, and should not be accessed directly on normal applications. It may have breaking changes in the future.