Struct tauri_api::​http::​HttpRequestOptions

pub struct HttpRequestOptions {
    pub method: String,
    pub url: String,
    pub params: Option<HashMap<String, String>>,
    pub headers: Option<HashMap<String, String>>,
    pub body: Option<Value>,
    pub follow_redirects: Option<bool>,
    pub max_redirections: Option<u32>,
    pub connect_timeout: Option<u64>,
    pub read_timeout: Option<u64>,
    pub timeout: Option<u64>,
    pub allow_compression: Option<bool>,
    pub body_type: Option<BodyType>,
    pub response_type: Option<ResponseType>,

The configuration object of an HTTP request


method: String


url: String

The request URL

params: Option<HashMap<String, String>>

The request query params

headers: Option<HashMap<String, String>>

The request headers

body: Option<Value>

The request body

follow_redirects: Option<bool>

Whether to follow redirects or not

max_redirections: Option<u32>

Max number of redirections to follow

connect_timeout: Option<u64>

Connect timeout for the request

read_timeout: Option<u64>

Read timeout for the request

timeout: Option<u64>

Timeout for the whole request

allow_compression: Option<bool>

Whether the request will announce that it accepts compression

body_type: Option<BodyType>

The body type (defaults to Auto)

response_type: Option<ResponseType>

The response type (defaults to Json)

Trait Implementations

impl<'de> Deserialize<'de> for HttpRequestOptions

fn deserialize<__D>(__deserializer: __D) -> Result<Self, __D::Error> where __D: Deserializer<'de>,

Deserialize this value from the given Serde deserializer. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for HttpRequestOptions

impl Send for HttpRequestOptions

impl Sync for HttpRequestOptions

impl Unpin for HttpRequestOptions

impl UnwindSafe for HttpRequestOptions

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