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Sidecar (Embedding External Binaries)

You may need to embed depending binaries in order to make your application work or to prevent users having to install additional dependencies (e.g. Node.js, Python, etc).

To bundle the binaries of your choice, you can add the externalBin property to the tauri namespace in your tauri.conf.json.

See more about tauri.conf.json configuration here.

externalBin expects a list of strings targeting binaries either with absolute or relative paths.

Here is a sample to illustrate the configuration, this is not a complete tauri.conf.json file:

  "tauri": {
    "bundle": {
      "externalBin": ["/absolute/path/to/bin1", "relative/path/to/bin2"]

This way, you may execute commands with Rust in your Tauri application.